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Smartling's Translation Management Platform is a solution that prioritizes process automation and collaboration so that teams can quickly and cost-effectively localize websites, apps, and documents with minimal IT involvement.

The Help Center is Smartling's documentation repository for the UI and API.

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Smartling Developer Center

Welcome to the Smartling Developer Center. The Smartling API enables you to automate many of the actions that users ordinarily perform in Smartling’s web-based application. It also allows you to build integrations to connect your content sources directly with Smartling.

Translation is typically performed by human translators. The API is used to automate the process of uploading your content, packaging your content into Jobs, and downloading your translated content. This increases efficiency and lets business users focus on monitoring progress, address any questions from translators, and review translations once completed, rather than focusing on getting content in and out of Smartling.

Looking for Smartling platform documentation? See our our Help Center.

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Smartling Developer Center